08 May 2012

Vogue : New Model Rules

The influx of super young and super skinny models on the catwalk has caused anger among many a campaigner for many years and now Vogue are taking a big step to wipe it out. All 19 of the international editions of Vogue issues have released a list of model guidelines which they will all be adhering to as of their recent June issues.
Among the new rules are that Vogue will no longer use any model who is under 16 years of age. They also promise to help organise mentoring programmes where older models with teach younger models the ways of the industry in order to try and protect them. The list of 6 rules also states that Vogue will ‘be ambassadors for the message of healthy body image’ and will ‘encourage producers to create healthy backstage working conditions’ including provide healthy fruit and veg backstage at catwalks and on fashion shoots.
This is a commendable move on Vogue's part, lets hope that many follow suit.

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