01 May 2012

Invitation Only

Finally The Flower
Noemi Klein
Amy George
Elinor Voytal Jewel Pixels Collection 

Crow Leather Hobo bag
Tristan & Olivia
Im obsessed with these Noemi Klein rings
Miller & Jeeves
Miller & Jeeves
Miller & Jeeves
Invitation Only was kind enough to invite me to this month's Pop-Up boutqiue event hosted at BECCA London & it was ridiculously good. Invitation Only is an event held every other month to showcase homegrown UK designer clothing & accessory collections. 
Let me start of by thanking the organisers behind the event Lydia Gandaa & Diane Igunbor who were both so sweet in about a million ways that they didn’t have to be, so a huge thank you to them.

Now onto the reason why I was there, to view specially selected pieces from fab designers:

Amy George - who's exclusive bags were beautifully crafted with signature lining that gave you all the more excuse to love them just that little bit more.
Noemi Klein - Jewellery was so unique each piece from the collection is a must have. I died a little when I saw the Epoch rings, they were just that good.
Alona - Is a new London based jewellery designer (Alona Shelemy) who seems to have a great grasp on what a lady wants. The collection was elective enough to allow something for everyones fancy witch was nice too.
Crow - are responsible for the amazing grey aztec dresses that are just WOW. Crow really stood out to me as it was extremely wearable whilst full of beautiful details that make you look twice. Their bags were minimalism with a union jack twist giving them perfect edge.
Tristan & Olivia - jewellery will appeal to the glamorous side that that lives in every lady.
Elinor Voytal - statement jewellery pieces made using machine knitting techniques and intricate embellishment don't look nearly as amazing in the pictures as they do in person.
Miller & Jeeves - bags were 'fun and fab' yet very stylish, infused with the most addictive colours making it impossible to choose a favourite. 
Finally The Flower - day to night loose skirts & draped dresses featured a strong colour palette & hung alluringly slightly off the body. I cant wait to get my paws a piece.

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