30 April 2012

High Tops

Isabel Marant wedge sneakers hit the pavements 2 years ago. Brands like Chloe, Ash, River Island, Nine West, Aldo and Marc by Marc Jacobs have since followed suit & joint the wedge sneaker movement, giving us more options to chose from and as a result there EVERYWHERE.

Personally I like em just not on me.

I would love to hear your views?
Isabel Marant High-top Sneaker
Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers
Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers
Aldo Wedge High top Sneakers
Nine West
Ash High-top sneakers
Ash High-top sneakers

Marc by Marc Jacobs

High-top Sneaker Wedge

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  1. Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers my favorite pair.

    1. I also gonna to buy a new giuseppe zanotti sneakers, I compare the price at Aliexpress store and Amazon store, at last, i decide to buy the cheaper one at Aliexpress due to my budget.