20 April 2012

Giorgio Armani designs Lady Gaga's tour wardrobe

It has been confirmed that  Armani are designing Lady Gaga's wardrobe for her forthcoming Born This Way Ball tourThe man himself, Mr Giorgio Armani, has revealed how exciting it is to collaborate with Lady Gaga:

"I admire the way she uses fashion as a scenic element and as a means to build a character. She is an artist of many talents and great intelligence. Creating stage costumes for her is a stimulating and creative exercise."

The garments feature some fantastically out-there detailing such as keyboards, mirrored inserts, extreme fringing, crystal embellishments, spikes and PVC tubing & heres a peak at the sketches this far



  1. Lady Gaga is a hot mess. still she is someone any designer would jump to design.. $$$$

  2. Well believe it or not many designers share the same opinion as you & frown upon Gaga wearing their designs. Heard a juicy story quite recently about this very thing.