18 March 2012

Alex Saidac

So I managed to get my styling hands on yet another star in the making.
This time it was for Alex Saidac's music video for her new single 'yet to be released'.
Alex is a fresh new Swedish artist with a lot of funk. If your not already familiar with her then i strongly suggest you get familiar. She gonna be Major, remember where you heard it first!
Working on this video shoot was great for many reasons main one being that Alex Saidac is a complete and utter GEM. Anyone that is lucky to have the pleasure to work with her is very lucky indeedy.
If hard work and sheer determination ever had a face it would be that of Alex Saidac. This girl was a false to be reckoned with on set. Nothing was holding her back from getting every last frame spot on no matter what. 
The video was set on a beach at the end England aka Camper Sands. My idea of a day on the beach is sun lotion and sunglasses now this was anything BUT. Cast and crew were fashionably freezing our asses off from am to pm, but hay the results were more than worth it. Cant wait to share the final outcome with you guys so stay posted for the video.

Heres a few behind the scene pics to keep your juices flowing for now :-)

This Shoe Clips are amazing right?! Find them here
Alex's own SELF customised Nike YUM!
Extras wearing Office Shoes at a bargain price of £30
& dont you just HEART Alex's nails

The Video has finally arrived Click here to see it!

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